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Challenge: A small non-profit organization's founder has a vision for the role the organization could play, but the organization's activities are un-focused and therefore ineffective in bringing about change. There is no staff - all activities are organized by the volunteer Board members.

Communications Dynamics' solution: Organize and implement a series of strategic planning meetings with the Board of Directors, define a mission and goals, and develop one and three-year implementation plans. Use semi-annual assessment meetings with the Board to keep the organization focused on the mission and to guide program decision-making in the context of the mission and strategic plan.

Result: The organization is now recognized in its region as effecting the changes it sought.

Challenge: Because of staff turn-over and a lack of in-house expertise a fund-raising director needs help in developing marketing materials to support a capital campaign.

Communications Dynamics' solution:
In a limited number of meetings with management, define the needs and the strengths of the institution, and recommend the theme and focus for a publications program; organize a search for a cost-effective design firm; following the accepted theme, prepare copy for a case statement, an initial newsletter, and the first donor recognition event; oversee the design and production of the case statement and first newsletter; prepare a shell and production guidelines for subsequent newsletters and recognition programs.

Result: The publications program earned the support and respect of the institution's leadership and the capital campaign went over the top.

Challenge: A non-profit's director believes that the organization's public relations program should be more effective, that the organization should be more visible in the media, but can't identify why the staff is not more effective.

Communications Dynamics' solution:
In interviews with the director and the outreach staff, individually and together, define the goals and review the work patterns of the unit. Suggest organizational re-structuring that takes advantage of each staff's strengths and minimizes reliance on each staff's weaker qualities.

Result: The organization earns major and continuing coverage in both local and national media, including the New York Times.

Challenge: A small business undergoing organizational change recognizes that it needs an impartial professional to guide it through decision-making in creating a new name and a new corporate image.

Communications Dynamics' solution: In interviews with the principals, both together and individually, define the strengths and weaknesses, the audience, and the marketing goals for the new organization. Based on those goals, recommend alternative names and guide the principals in the selection process; recommend alternative corporate image concepts and guide the principals in the selection process. Based on the concept chosen, prepare text for, design, and oversee the production of letterhead, business cards, and the first capabilities brochure.

Result: Ten years later, the company's name and corporate image are still valid.


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